Del Mar Races: Pony Express

Del Mar Races

Take NCTD to the Del Mar Races!

The racing season runs from November 8 – December 1. NCTD & the Del Mar Thoroughbred Club have teamed up once again to offer the Pony Express, a discounted package including stretch run admission, round-trip fare on the train/bus & a shuttle from Solana Beach Station straight to the racetrack.

Pony Express Pricing

Package price: $14



Stretch run admission

Round-trip fare on COASTER, SPRINTER & BREEZE

Shuttle bus from Solana Beach Station to the Del Mar Racetrack


Purchase at the following locations:

Compass Cloud mobile app

Ticket vending machines at any COASTER or SPRINTER station


Pony Express is not valid on Amtrak trains or included in Rail2Rail.

Find more information about the Del Mar Races here!

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