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New bus stops along Gilman Drive on the UCSD campus starting today. More info: http://t.co/ncs2E7ALEh - 15 Sep | @TKamolz You can submit your complaint here but it sounds like you have an issue with SDPD and MTS security: http://t.co/r1SlG6Bpk3 - 15 Sep | Chargers vs. Seahawks game today! Ride #COASTER + @sdmts Trolley for only $12 and skip traffic. More information: http://t.co/Vt3hXCG3Sk - 14 Sep | #NCTDServiceAlert @PACSurfliners SB Amtrak 784, R2R service making all COASTER stops, is delayed 25 mins. from Orange County. - 13 Sep | @edhunt91 Don't apologize. This is important information that we will use to fix the problem. We rely on this "on the ground" info from you. - 12 Sep Stop

Two for One Policy

Two-For-One Tickets Policy

Buy One Ticket, Bring a Friend for Free

The two-for-one special fare refers to the practice of purchasing one ticket and using it for two passengers traveling together.

Buy one ticket, present the single ticket to fare-enforcement officers while riding the bus or train and the officer will accept the ticket for two people.

Monthly passes are not eligible for this promotion unless specified in the offer.

Offer is valid only on days that NCTD has specifically advertised two-for-one fares, or when NCTD has a specific agreement with a specific entity (such as a college or event).

If one of the two people is eligible for a senior or ADA discount fare, the greater fare must be purchased and the person with the reduced fare rides free.

If the published offer or agreement requires a coupon, voucher, or event ticket to qualify for the special fare, one of the two people traveling together must have the coupon (digital or print version) to show fare enforcement.

All tickets are non-refundable and must be used on the date specified on the ticket.

Connection to Other Modes

Tickets may be eligible for connections to other modes, but the two-for-one offer does NOT apply to any other modes unless specified in the offer. For example, under a COASTER two-for-one offer, all passengers connecting to the SPRINTER, BREEZE, Trolley or MTS buses must have their own tickets.


One-way ticket, round-trip ticket, or RegionPlus day pass can bring a companion on the COASTER for free. Other types of tickets are eligible only if specified in the offer.


Only a day pass is honored with the two-for-one fare. Other types of tickets are eligible only if specified in the offer.