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#NCTDServiceAlert NB COASTER 675 will depart SAN @ 11:15 pm from track #4 and NB COASTER 699 will depart SAN @ 11:25 from track #1. - 2 Aug | #NCTDServiceAlert SB COASTER 664 (6:35 pm OTC) will depart up to 10 mins. delayed from track #1 @ Oceanside Transit Center this evening. - 2 Aug | #NCTDServiceAlert (2/2) @ 5:34 pm if they so choose. We apologize for the inconvenience. - 1 Aug | #NCTDServiceAlert (1/2) NB COASTER 657 (4:52 pm SAN) is experiencing low A/C output on all cars. Passengers can opt to take NB COASTER 661 - 1 Aug | @JoyGreinerGomez SB COASTER 654 is running on schedule. - 1 Aug Stop


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NCTD strives to provide quality information through Google Transit, but cannot guarantee 100% accuracy. This is a new and experimental service that is still being refined both by Google and participating transit agencies. It is recommended that riders double-check all suggested trip plans from Google with NCTD’s schedules on this website.

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If you are having trouble with the NCTD Trip Planner and would like to access Google.com Maps for Transit Information and Directions, CLICK HERE.