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@lvnguylkn2u NB COASTER 689 (3:56 PM SOL) will depart from track #2 @ Solana Beach Station. - 24 Jan | #NCTDServiceAlert #511sd @PACSurfliners SB AMTRAK A790, R2R service making all COASTER stops, is delayed 45 minutes from Orange County. - 24 Jan | #NCTDServiceAlert SB COASTER 648 departing Oceanside at 11:05am will depart from track 2, the track closest to the ocean. - 23 Jan | @DLBreidenthal Oh no! Are you ok? Do you mind making a report here with more information so we can investigate? http://t.co/r1SlG7scIf - 23 Jan | @juliejobe Will you please make a report here: http://t.co/r1SlG7scIf so Customer Service can investigate and report? - 23 Jan Stop


Sustainability Initiatives

NCTD is dedicated to protecting our environment and reducing energy consumption. Here are some of our initiatives: