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#NCTDServiceAlert NB Padres COASTER 699 will depart Santa Fe Depot at midnight from track #1. - 30 Aug | #NCTDServiceAlert @PACSurfliners SB Amtrak 790, Rail 2 Rail service making all COASTER stops, is delayed up to 30 mins. from Orange County. - 30 Aug | Padres fans! Labor Day there is NO #COASTER train# 699 departing I hour after the game. Use regular Sunday/Holiday COASTER service. - 29 Aug | Labor Day 9/1: #BREEZE, #SPRINTER + #COASTER operate on Sunday/Holiday schedule. No #FLEX service. - 29 Aug | @kevinsiropaides New Flyer 40 CNF/DNL, Thomas Dennis 200 SLF, NEW Flyer CLF, and Supreme ELOs. Depends on size. - 29 Aug Stop


Sustainability Initiatives

NCTD is dedicated to protecting our environment and reducing energy consumption. Here are some of our initiatives: