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#NCTDServiceAlert:@PACSurfliners NB AMTRAK 595 R2R service making all COASTER stops is currently delayed up to 60 min. - 29 Nov | #NCTDServiceAlert:@PACSurfliners SB AMTRAK 790 R2R service making all COASTER stops is delayed up to 20 min from Orange County. - 28 Nov | #NCTDServiceAlert:@PACSurfliners SB AMTRAK 595 R2R service making all COASTER stops is delayed up to 60 min from Orange County. - 28 Nov | #NCTDServiceAlert:@PACSurfliners SB AMTRAK 784 R2R service making all COASTER stops is delayed up to 1 hour from Orange County. - 28 Nov | #NCTDServiceAlert: NB COASTER 661 (5:34 p.m. SAN) is operating 15 min. delayed from Poinsettia Station. - 28 Nov Stop

San Diego Airport

Avoid the hassles of traffic and parking while traveling. Use the COASTER to reach the San Diego International Airport.

COASTER tickets are now available for purchase online before you ride!

How to Reach the San Diego Airport by Public Transit

  • Ride the COASTER to the Santa Fe Depot in downtown San Diego, and then transfer to MTS bus route 992 to reach the airport.
  • It takes the bus about 10 minutes to reach Terminal One at the airport from this bus stop.
  • MTS bus route 992 operates approximately every 15 minutes on weekdays and every 30 minutes on weekends.
  • Luggage can be stored on the lower level of a COASTER train.
  • Make sure you are ready to load your luggage as soon as the train pulls into the station. Trains stop briefly at each station and will not hold for late-comers. Make sure you confirm the COASTER train times work with your travel schedule. The COASTER has limited service (check the schedule) on Saturdays and Sundays.
  • Check Amtrak schedules for alternative train service to Santa Fe Depot.

How to Reach the COASTER from the San Diego Airport

  • Follow the signs inside the airport to to the city bus, which will take you right outside the doors near baggage claim.
  • At the curb outside the terminal, look for the bus stop sign for MTS bus route 992.
  • Depart the bus at the Santa Fe Depot Station and purchase a COASTER ticket at the NCTD ticket vending machine on the platform.

Where to Catch Bus Route 992 to the Airport

  • MTS bus route 992 picks up passengers directly across the street from Santa Fe Depot, on the corner of Kettner Boulevard and West Broadway.
  • Fares:  MTS bus route 992
  • Once you exit the COASTER, walk south (toward Broadway) and then cross the trolley tracks to reach the bus stop on Broadway just east of Kettner Boulevard in front of the Starbucks.

Parking at COASTER Stations

  • Parking is free at all COASTER stations except Santa Fe Depot, with long-term parking available in Oceanside and Solana Beach.
  • If you plan to leave your car for an extended period in Oceanside or Solana Beach, check in with a security guard.


  • Purchase a one-way ticket for your ride on the COASTER from a ticket vending machine or via the online e-ticketing system.
  • Then purchase one-way fare on MTS bus route 992 using cash. (COASTER tickets are no longer valid for a free transfer to MTS buses.)
  • COASTER monthly pass holders can transfer to MTS bus route 992 for free.