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#NCTDServiceAlert C699 Padre train is due to depart Santa Fe Depot at 9:20pm. - 20 Apr | #NCTDServiceAlert medical issue on the train. We apologize for the inconvenience. (2/2) - 20 Apr | #NCTDServiceAlert The WB SPRINTER due to depart ETC at 8:33pm is expected to be about 15 min behind schedule due to an earlier... (1/2) - 20 Apr | #NCTDServiceAlert EB SPRINTER that departed OTC at 7:33PM is currently at SMCC due to medical personnel assisting a passenger on board... - 20 Apr | #NCTDServiceAlert @ PACSurfliners SB Amtrak 790, R2R service making all COASTER stops, is delayed up to 20 mins from Orange County. - 18 Apr Stop

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If you are a member of the media and would like information concerning NCTD, call (760) 966-6683.

Looking to film a movie or take professional photographs at our stations, at our transit centers or on our vehicles? Email Frances Schnall at fschnall@nctd.org.


Clear Channel Outdoors manages and sells external BREEZE bus advertising, and other vendors handle vending machine kiosk advertising on behalf of NCTD.

For business development opportunities contact: Ryan Ross at rross@nctd.org or (760) 967-2807.

Get contact information for advertising vendors and learn more about Business and Advertising Opportunities with NCTD.

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