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#NCTDServiceAlert SPRINTER service is on/near schedule. - 31 Aug | #NCTDServiceAlert WB SPRINTER (12:33 pm ETC) is currently operating up to 15 mins delayed due to mechanical issue @ ETC. - 31 Aug | #NCTDServiceAlert @PACSurfliners: NB AMTRAK 579 will be using Track 2 today. Track 2 is located closest to the ocean. - 30 Aug | #NCTDServiceAlert @PACSurfliners: SB AMTRAK 1790 making all COASTER stops is delayed up to 15 minutes. - 30 Aug | #NCTDServiceAlert @PACSurfliners: NB AMTRAK 595 making all COASTER stops is delayed up to 30 minutes. - 30 Aug Stop

Community Outreach

Outreach Opportunities

NCTD’s community outreach efforts focus on increasing awareness about public transit projects, options and benefits. We work with a variety of audiences, including schools, employers, businesses, and service organizations. At these events we also receive your feedback about our services and bring it back to the planning team for evaluation.
If you are interested in any of these initiatives for your organization or company, please contact us.

Educational Visits

Our outreach team is present at street fairs, fundraisers, festivals, business expos, employee resource fairs, and college special events, among other community events. At such events, the public learns about NCTD’s services and resources and has the opportunity to ask questions about trip planning, schedules, benefits of switching to transit, and special fares and discounts for select riders.

Railroad Safety Program

In cooperation with Operation Lifesaver’s trained and certified volunteer speakers, NCTD offers a program on rail safety for school groups, community organizations, driver education classes, professional drivers at trucking companies, emergency response personnel and law enforcement officers. This program highlights the need for safe practices around railroad tracks. The presentation includes an age-appropriate discussion on the dangers of the railroad tracks, highway-rail grade crossing safety, pedestrian rail trespass prevention, and a question and answer session. Contact us to request a presentation for your venue or group.