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Community Outreach

Outreach Opportunities

NCTD’s community outreach efforts focus on increasing awareness about public transit projects, options and benefits. We work with a variety of audiences, including schools, employers, businesses, and service organizations. At these events we also receive your feedback about our services and bring it back to the planning team for evaluation.
If you are interested in any of these initiatives for your organization or company, please contact us.

Educational Visits

Our outreach team is present at street fairs, fundraisers, festivals, business expos, employee resource fairs, and college special events, among other community events. At such events, the public learns about NCTD’s services and resources and has the opportunity to ask questions about trip planning, schedules, benefits of switching to transit, and special fares and discounts for select riders.

Railroad Safety Program

In cooperation with Operation Lifesaver’s trained and certified volunteer speakers, NCTD offers a program on rail safety for school groups, community organizations, driver education classes, professional drivers at trucking companies, emergency response personnel and law enforcement officers. This program highlights the need for safe practices around railroad tracks. The presentation includes an age-appropriate discussion on the dangers of the railroad tracks, highway-rail grade crossing safety, pedestrian rail trespass prevention, and a question and answer session. Contact us to request a presentation for your venue or group.

Transit Buddy Program

The Transit Buddy Program is a mentoring program for active seniors who want to gain greater independence by learning to use public transit. The program matches trained and qualified senior volunteers, known as Transit Buddies, with seniors in the community who want to enhance their transportation options by using public transit. In a classroom setting, Transit Buddy Volunteers are provided the information and tools needed to mentor others effectively. Contact us for more information.

Mobility and Travel Training

The Mobility and Travel Training Program utilizes trained staff to teach seniors and individuals with disabilities (one on one or as a group) how to safely access and use public transit. The goal of the Mobility and Travel Training Program is to increase and sustain independent lifestyles by teaching, educating and helping participants to understand the transit system. Participants learn the essentials of trip planning and how to read the rider’s guide, fare media and much more. Persons with mobility devices learn to operate their wheelchair/scooter independently on NCTD transit systems.

Phone: (877) 232-7433

Train the Trainer

Does your organization target services to seniors and/or persons with disabilities? If so, the Mobility and Travel Training Program will provide your team with the tools needed to teach students how to ride public transit. The program teaches trainers how to teach their students about NCTD services, trip planning, fare media, accessibility features and more. Materials and resources for your teachers and students and a hands-on day trip using the transit system are also part of this program.

Phone: (877) 232-7433