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ADA Certification

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To become eligible to ride American with Disabilities Act of 1990 (ADA) paratransit service, called LIFT, you must first become ADA Certified. NCTD contracts with ADARide to perform these vital services on our behalf.


Information found on these web pages is for those wanting to use NCTD’s ADA paratransit service, called LIFT, in North County. The ADA has specific guidelines to determine who is eligible for ADA paratransit service.

The ADA is a federal law which provides comprehensive civil rights protection for individuals with disabilities. The information given in this document applies to the parts of ADA which deal with transportation. The ADA mandates that public, fixed-route transportation be accessible to persons with disabilities. (Fixed-route transportation is regularly scheduled public transportation that operates over an established route at pre-scheduled times of the day).

However, when a disability combined with a person’s functional inability prevents a person from using the accessible bus services, the ADA requires public transportation agencies to provide ADA paratransit service. Disability alone does not create eligibility, and unavailability of fixed route service in certain areas of NCTD’s service area also does not constitute eligibility. Instead, the decision is based on the applicant’s functional inability to use the fixed-route bus and is NOT solely a medical decision.

The ADA requires an eligibility process for the ADA paratransit service. In North San Diego County, NCTD offers shared ride ADA paratransit service to ADA eligible passengers whose disabilities prevent them from riding the BREEZE, in the same areas served by the BREEZE.

ADA paratransit is an origin-to-destination transportation service available the same days and general operating hours as the fixed-route system. The ADA paratransit service is available within a 3/4 mile of a fixed-route bus line, or non-commuter rail service station. ADA paratransit service is not designed to be a complete transportation service and is NOT a medical transportation. However, assistance is available beyond the curb as necessitated by a rider’s disability. Customers who need assistance beyond the curb should notify the reservationist when scheduling their LIFT trip. However, the driver is not allowed to leave sight of his/her vehicle and may not enter homes or buildings.

To apply to become ADA certified, please see contact information for ADARide below.


Mail: ADARide
6151 W. Century Blvd., Ste. 304
Los Angeles, CA 90045
Phone: (877) 232-7433
Phone TTY: (310) 410-0985
Toll-Free Phone: (877) 232-7433 (Bilingual Spanish)
Fax: (310) 410-0239
Email: info@adaride.com
(Mon-Fri, 8:00 am – 4:00 pm)